March 12, 2018 – Chuck Y. – Facebook review

As an older, highly experienced breaker (and frequently self-repairer) of most all things electro-mechanical around the farm, am too considered exceptionally qualified for separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to service and/or sales folks (if in doubt, just ask any of my girls (wife-n-daughters/captive audience)).

This introduction is my way of trying to dispel the BS so frequently posted on these things, which are so often penned emotionally rather than factually. In simpler words – I don’t take bad news out on the messenger – ever. Why would anyone? But I digress.

Today was the first time in my life that I spoke to AJ – as his number was provided by the appliance mfg (who & what is not important here – and I’m not trying to rag the mfg, no matter how much I’d like too.. that’s another story).

The fact is that AJ took my call; was as friendly as anyone that I’ve ever talked with when inquiring about any kind of service need; he spent time that he did not have to, and once I gave him all of the information he needed to make an assessment of my situation, gave me the brutally honest answer that I was looking for and needed (No, his delivery of the news was perfect – not brutal in any way, just kind, honest, and professional)…

Furthermore, AJ was the first and only appliance repair person/company out of (7) previous companies I called, to do so. Everyone else had their reasons for not getting involved or offering advise – Frankly, I was stunned.

I am old-er now, and not fixing my own ‘stuff’ much anymore.. and I don’t have to.

AJ (Pegasus) now found, will be my first (and hopefully only) call going forward for all appliance needs that I have.. and as many others are beginning to hit their ‘service-due-dates’, (nothing lasts like it use-to, does it), I will be talking with AJ again; I’m afraid sooner than later.. but next I hope to not be so much trouble, and we’ll just get down to fixin’ what’s broke..

Thanks AJ – I was truly a pleasure talking with you – An honest answer is worth so much more than so many realize these days, and absolutely appreciate your time so.

January 22, 2018 – Christina N. – Google review

Jerry Ploegert was the best technician we could have asked for to service our dryer today! Not only was he patient with our time schedule but while he was fixing our dryer he let us know what the issue was, showed me the piece that was no longer working and he communicated with us every step of the way. He was very knowledeable and even went above and beyond his service call to suggest an air duct cleaning to help our dryer be more efficient. After having Pegasus Appliance Repair fix our dryer today, we will highly recommend this company in the future! Thank you Jerry!

December 20, 2017 – Margaret D.- Google review

Pegasus was awesome when my microwave stopped working right before Christmas. They were able to come out within a day and even ordered some parts ahead of time so it could be repaired immediately instead of me having to wait for the order and then have them return a second time to do the actual repair. My Appliance Specialist, Jerry Ploegert, was great! He phoned when he was on the way, arrived right on time, was very respectful of my house, very friendly and VERY knowledgeable. I will definitely call Pegasus again!!

December 3 2017 – Rob W.- Yelp review

Outstanding service from the first call to the last visit! We had bought a new Frigidaire dish washer that had a busted stainless steel front. It was a warranty repair. AJ treated me with incredible kindness and respect. They got a new front but after delivering it we noticed some spots that were caused by packaging wear. He made sure to talk to the factory directly and have a new one inspected and shipped . They inspected it and Jeff came out and installed it.  Just complete professionals from start to finish. I will be sure to use them for any appliance repair I have in the future!

October 23, 2017 – Theresa F.- Google review

Our refrigerator (under warranty) went out-Pegasus came to the rescue! This company has excellent customer service-AJ was so patient, helpful and honestly cared about getting the right technician out quickly. Jeff was our technician-he was very knowledgeable, extremely courteous, was able to identify the issue and completed the repair. I will definitely use this company again and will recommend them on my neighborhood website!

October 04, 2017 – Jennifer B.- Google review

My year old Samsung dryer wasn’t working and these guys were quick to get my appliance up and running again! My appliance specialist, Jerry Ploegert, was prompt, efficient and courteous of my time as he was in and out within 30 minutes! He identified the problem, had the part and I was once again, back in business with a working dryer. I will be definitely using these guys again. Thank you Pegasus Appliance Repair!

September 14, 2017 – Mark L.- Google review

I had warranty work done on my Samsung refrigerator. The Samsung experience was not good but I am so glad I asked them to schedule with Pegasus as they were great to work with for the repair. Jerry Ploegert was my repair technician and he provided excellent service. He effectively communicated with me throughout the process from scheduling to explaining the repair that was needed. When he was done he answered all my questions and gave me some great pointers on how to take care of all of my appliances! Thank you Jerry for your professionalism!