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Pegasus Appliance Repair wants to keep you informed throughout the entire process of your appliance repair. To do so, we have automated SMS/text messages that occur during the various stages.

You can stop receiving these alerts by following the in-message opt-out instructions. Or reply STOP at any time to unsubscribe. Your subscribed alert(s) will be sent to mobile phone number(s) provided. Receiving alerts is not a condition of service, but will enhance our communications with you during the life cycle of the repair. Message & data rates may apply.


90 day parts guarantee on defective functional parts purchased through Pegasus Appliance Repair.

90 day labor guarantee on labor provided by Pegasus Appliance Repair.

Guarantees cover original compliant/issue. If an compliant/issue arises during the guarantee period and it is not related to the original, new charges may be applicable and a new work order/service ticket will be required.

Customer provided parts installed by Pegasus Appliance Repair carries no part or labor warranty or any guarantee, implied or written. Approval from management is required to proceed with these repair(s)/installation(s) and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


All parts provided, purchased, and/or installed through Pegasus Appliance Repair are OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. We do not use generics or substitutions for our repairs, unless otherwise instructed by the OEM.

Customer provided parts installed by Pegasus Appliance Repair carries no part or labor warranty or any guarantee, implied or written. Approval from management is required to proceed with these repair(s)/installation(s) and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Used/defective parts that are removed or consumed in the activity of the service call and repair are owned by the customer. We leave these parts with the customer for them to choose to retain or dispose of as they see fit.


Due to the nature of appliance service & repair, there is risk for potential damage. Any damage incurred to appliance(s), cabinetry, object(s) touching appliance(s), moldings, counters & countertops, basin pan, flooring, floor coverings, etc. when mobilizing your appliance for, and in performance of, the service & repairs requested, will be the responsibility of the owner/tenant & agree to hold harmless Pegasus Appliance Repair & staff. Naturally, we will be as careful as possible.


All appliances shall be made accessible and unencumbered for on-site service and repair prior to technician’s arrival to the service location. Accessibility is outlined in your manufacturer’s owner’s and installation manuals. This includes, but is not limited to: stacked washers and dryers must be unstacked, built-in appliances with trim or casings prohibiting removal or movement of the appliance must be removed, appliances inside tight closets must be either easily movable into an open space or already positioned into a accessible service area, etc.


Estimates are not a final price, but an estimation of work required based on knowledge & discovery at time of estimate. On occasion some issues & solutions may not be evident until initial repairs are started or finished. In these rare cases, an updated estimate will be provided. This pertains to situations where more or less parts &/or more or less labor is needed.

Our Trip & Diagnosis (minimum charge) is $139.00. If an estimate is provided, the estimate will include the Trip & Diagnosis. At the time of the service call either the Trip & Diagnosis will be paid, or the Estimate amount, but never both. If the Trip & Diagnosis has been previously been paid, then the balance would be the full estimate amount, minus the trip & diagnosis amount.

In the event the diagnosis determines appliance is not repairable, the Trip & Diagnosis (minimum charge) is due.

For customer chargeable work, we use the Original Blue Book Major Appliance Job Rate Guide to build our estimates. We charge a flat rate based on the service. This flat rate is comprehensive: trip, diagnosis, part(s), labor, part(s) warranty, labor warranty, consumables, supplies, shipping & handling, applicable taxes, helper/assistance, specialty tools, etc.

Estimates are good for 90 days. After 90 days a new Trip & Diagnosis will be charged.


Being dispatched by an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or a TPA (third party administrator) for warranty or extended warranty coverage does not guarantee a ‘no cost’ visit to the customer. Instances such as, but not limited to, cosmetic/non-functional/environmental/structural/dwelling related venting, plumbing, electrical/etc can cause an OEM/TPA to deny full or partial payment on a claim. In those instances where we know in advance, we will attempt to clarify with the OEM/TPA and the customer. In rare cases where it was not determined in advance and full or partial claim is denied, it is the responsibility of the customer to pay for the cost of repairs/service call. At minimum, the trip & diagnosis fee referenced in the ESTIMATES clause above, will be chargeable. Unresolved monetary balances are the responsibility of the customer.

A bill of sale or proof of purchase may be required to properly file a claim with the OEM or TPA. Please provide us a copy of your bill of sale via text/email or show it to the service technician that visits your location.

All deductibles must be paid in full before the to keep the call on the schedule and before the initial service call date. If a deductible is not paid, the call will be removed from the schedule until the deductible balance is satisfied. Deductibles are determined by your extended warranty provider.


Please advise of any changes in your appointment date at least 1 business day before your scheduled appointment. Failure to do so can result in a minimum charge (see above). If your appointment was created less than 1 business day before, please let us know within 2 hours of appointment creation.


If your location requires a certificate of insurance to gain access to the property and perform work, please email us at 0ffice@pegasusappliance.com a MINIMUM of 1 business day in advance of your scheduled appointment. Please include property and/or association name (if applicable), property address, property management contact person, contact person’s phone number(s), and contact person’s email. Failure to provide necessary information and ample time to process request can result in a minimum charge (see above) and a rescheduled appointment.


Customer agrees to: Insufficient funds, NSF, rejected, canceled, false notes, or any other form of bad and/or faulty payment (check, payment card, or domestic currency** rejected by a financial institution) shall incur a $35 processing fee in addition to the balance still owed. Any additional costs, fees, and expenses incurred to recover debt will be applied to the balance still owed. **payment via foreign currency is prohibited


We love our pets and your pets too! We love all animals. Because of this, we require all pets to be secured while we are on location. Pets, no matter how sweet or docile, can become aggressive or territorial when a stranger is in their space. We also deal with tools, movement of heavy objects, sharp objects, chemicals, and on occasion open flames. We don’t want anyone or any animal to get hurt while we are focused on the repairs on hand. It is the responsibility of the homeowner/tenant/person giving access to secure the animals. Failure to do so could cause injury. Homeowner and or tenant is fully liable for any costs associated with injuries resulting from an unsecured animal/pet. In addition to any medical costs insured by the injured, our minimum trip and diagnosis fee will be accessed, regardless of the status of the call.


Customer has read and accepts the Privacy Policy:  https://pegasusappliance.com/privacy-policy/


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